When you purchase from a hosting company, you need to be able to trust their services are reliable. If they let you down, your entire business could be at risk. It is crucial, that when you’re searching for a hosting provider, you do more than look at the price. You also need to know that your host has the expertise to provide exceptional services and customer support.

Our certification's let you know that we have qualified personnel on-site. This is something we take very seriously. For us, providing a great service is making sure that our team is fully trained in all aspects of engineering and that they continue to keep pace with developments as technology progresses.

The cPanel & WHM Administrator Certification tests our knowledge on service administration, e-mail troubleshooting, to custom DNS configurations, and administrating SQL engines through WHM.

These are not easy exams to pass. The pass score is 90% and, globally, less than 25% of exams taken have resulted in a pass being given.