** Security flaw requiring reboot & HDD replacement **

*** IMPORTANT UPDATE ***   On January 13th, at approximately 5PM EST All servers will undergo maintenance. This maintenance is directly related to the security vulnerability affecting all Intel CPU's. This bug has been named "The meltdown attack". This hardware bug allows attackers to breach and steal data typically they would not ... Read More »

4th Jan 2018

We are currently experiencing redirects of different products to those not selected.

Our developers are looking into this issue.

17th Dec 2017
Bitcoin Payments

Super-high service fees and wild fluctuations in value have made the cryptocurrency 'untenable.' In the past few months we've seen an increase in the volatility in the value of Bitcoin and a significant increase in the fees to process transactions on the Bitcoin network. For example, transaction fees that are charged to the customer by the ... Read More »

6th Dec 2017

We have made some major changes recently, one of them being a new review box - please leave an honest review of our services.There is also a new community, where you can ask questions and find out about your services.https://gigebox.com/community/We have also made more improvements to the website, it's nearly the end of 2017 and we expect by the ... Read More »

11th Nov 2017
Website update

We have been busy updating the website, you may notice some changes, we are also going to be improving mobile access to the website, and creating additional packages.

28th Jun 2017
Hard disk replacement scheduled

*** IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT *** We will be updating one of the hard disks on the VPS Node BHS in the next week or two, a definite date and time will be sent via email, and posted online. We recommend if you don't have any backups, to make a backup of your files. The hard drive replacement should have minimal downtime, one of the hard drives is ... Read More »

28th Jun 2017
Unexpected Downtime

We experienced a substanial downtime that was unexpected due to a major hardware fault.

The SolusVM server is now back online and you can read more via our facebook page.

Click here: https://www.facebook.com/gigebox/

9th Nov 2016
IRC Network

Our IRC Network is now back online after a year of being closed.

You can connect via irc.gigebox.com port 6667 (+6697 SSL) channel #gigebox

Please do NOT post personal/account information over IRC.

Any member of staff or associatewill be happy to help.

7th Nov 2016
Billing Downtime

Our Billing System was down this evening whilst we upgraded.

7th Oct 2016

I've been busy updating the content of the website and improving services.We now have upgraded all our OpenVZ templates and the list is as ... Read More »

2nd Mar 2016

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